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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2012;19(1): 98
성별에 따른 중년기 성인의 화병증상 예측요인
김남선1, 이규은2
1관동대학교 간호학과
2관동대학교 간호학과
Gender differences in factors affecting Hwa-byung symptoms with middle-age people
Nam-Sun Kim1, Kyu-Eun Lee2
1Kwangdong University
2Kwangdong University
Purpose: This study was done to examine differences in the factors affecting Hwa-byung symptoms in middle-aged men and women.
Method: There search design for this study was a descriptive survey design using a convenience sampling. Data collection was done using self-report questionnaires with 381 middle age people (169 men and 212 women) in Seoul and G city. ANOVA, t-test, Pearson correlation coefficients and stepwise multiple regression were used to analyze the data with SPSS Win 18.0 Program.
Results: There were significant differences in Hwa-byung symptoms and life stress between men and women. However anger rumination and mood states were not significantly different by gender. In multiple regression analysis, mood states, religion, and employment were significant predictors and explained 36% of Hwa-byung symptoms for men. In women, mood states, life stress, anger rumination and employment were significant predictors and explained 41% of Hwa-byung symptoms.
Conclusion: Findings of this study provide a comprehensive understanding of Hwa-byung symptoms and related factors between men and women in Korea. However, further study with a larger random sample from various living environment is necessary.
Key words: Hwa-byung | Stress | Anger | Affect
주요어: 화병 | 스트레스 | 분노 | 기분