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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2005;12(3): 374
강원도 일개 군 지역 남자 고등학생의 성지식
송병선1, 성명숙2, 김춘길3
1한림대학교 간호학부
2한림대학교 간호학부
3한림대학교 간호학부
Sexual Knowledge of the Male High School Students in a Rural Area of Gangwon Province
Byung-Sun Song1, Myung-Sook Sung2, Chun-Gill Kim3
1Department of Nursing, Hallym University
2Department of Nursing, Hallym University
3Department of Nursing, Hallym University
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the level of sexual knowledge of male high school students.
Method: The Participants were 503 male students from a high school in one county of Gangwon Province. The data were collected from May 1 to May 30, 2004. Collected data were analyzed using SPSS program to investigate the responses to the structured questionnaires used in the study.
Results: The level of sexual knowledge of high school students was 10.25(range 0 to 17). In terms of response distribution of sexual knowledge by items, the correct response rate was highest for 'wet dream is discharge of semen during sleep', and the wrong response rate was lowest in 'gonorrhea occurred most frequency in 15-25 year old adolescents'. General characteristics showed significant differences in sexual knowledge depending on grade(grade 3 :10.45, grade 2: 10.40, grade1: 9.88). Depend on the sexual impulse and the solutions to sex problems, there were significant differences in sexual knowledge with respect to sexual characteristics.
Conclusion: As a whole the sexual knowledge of the male high school students was low, sexual education programs for high school students should focus on sexually transmitted diseases and contraception.
Key words: Sexuality | Knowledge | School health | Men
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