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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1996;3(2): 259
입원환자가 지각하는 간호사의 친절에 관한 연구
강현숙1, 김일원2, 김원옥3, 장광자4
1경희의대 간호학과
2경희의료원 간호부
A Research on Inpatient Perception of Kindness on Nurse
Hyun-Sook Kang1, Il-Won Kim2, Won-Ock Kim3, Kwang-Ja Jang4
1Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University
2Kyung Hee Medical Center
3Kyung Hee School of Nursing
4Kyung Hee School of Nursing
This reserch has been done in order to improve quality of nursing and medical service. In order to improve those qualities the study has been done to know inpatient perception of kindness and meaning of kindness which patients receive from nurse and also what effect inpatient have when they experience kindness from nurse. The subjects were 454 people who admitted in K Hospital. Time period was from October to December 1995. This survey has been done by personal interview with a written questionnaire. Analysis of data has been done by $X^2-test$ and percentage. The results of the research may be summarized as follows. 1. The inpatients perception of kindness on nurse were explanation(26.8%), tolerance(16.3%), warm-heartedness(12.8%), interest(9.5%), ability(8.4%), confidence(6.4%), respect(4.0%), support(2.65%). 2. In order to find out general moaning of kindness, study classified by age, sex, education, job, experience of hospitalization, inpatient ward. As a result of $X^2-test$, no special meaning of kindness was presented in inpatient perception of kindness. 3. Contents kindness which inpatient experienced were, warm-heartedness(23%), understanding(18.1%), interest(17.8%), ability(12.8%), tolerance(5.7%), confidence(2.6%), 4. Over half of subjects(59.1%) answered stability to effect on kindness of Nurse. Next are self-confidence(7.9%), respect(5.3%), confidence(4.6%), warm-heartedness(3.5%), understanding(2.6%). According to above results inpatient feels that meaning of kindness were explanation, tolerance, warm-heartedness. This meaning has no distinctive difference other than consistent meaning. Likewise, inpatient experience about contents of kindness is similar to meaning of kindness. As a result of this research, which show that kindness of nurse gives patient stability, respect and confidence, we would kindness is important for recovery of inpatient. Therefore, this research outcome could be able to help to improve quality of nursing and medical service.
Key words: Kindness
주요어: 친절
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