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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2010;17(4): 487
대사증후군 대상자의 생활습관 평가 도구 개발을 위한 타당도와 신뢰도 검증
아주대학교 간호대학, 한국연구재단
The Validity and Reliability of a Lifestyle Evaluation Tool for Patients with Metabolic Syndrome
Se-Won Kang
College of Nursing, Ajou University
Purpose: This study examined the validity and reliability to develop a lifestyle evaluation tool for metabolic syndrome patients.
Methods: A methodological research design was used. The construct factors and preliminary items were identified by reviewing previous researches and tools related to lifestyle and reviewed by ten experts. It was tested with 195 patients with metabolic syndrome in a university hospital. The data were analyzed with SPSS/WIN 14.0.
Results: To test the validity, principal component analyses were used and resulted in the extraction of six components. The convergent validity resulted r= .72 (p<.001) with Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile. The discriminant validity with Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale resulted r= -.15 (p=.004). The Internal consistency of the tool had an Cronbach's a of .92. The self-report format Lifestyle Evaluation Tool for the patients with metabolic syndrome was developed with 36 items and four-rating scales:'physical activity and weight control' eight items, 'dietary habits' sixteen items, 'drinking and smoking' three items, 'sleep and rest' two items, 'stress' three items, 'drug and health management' four items.
Conclusion: This Tool will evaluate health behaviors in patients with metabolic syndrome. Also, it will contribute to the development of nursing intervention to improve the metabolic syndrome patients' lifestyle.
Key words: Metabolic Syndrome | Lifestyle | Reliability | Validity
주요어: 대사증후군 | 생활습관 | 타당도 | 신뢰도