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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2010;17(2): 240
기본간호학 실습교육의 동영상 사전학습에 대한 간호학생의 학습동기 및 자기주도성의 효과
진주보건대학 간호과
Effects of Utilizing Animation Prior to Fundamental Nursing Practice on Learning Motivation and Self-Directedness in Student Nurses
Yeong-Hie Kim
Department of Nursing, Jinju Health College
Purpose: This study was done to examine learning motivation and self-directedness when animation prior learning of fundamental nursing practice education was used.
Method: For the study 220 nursing students participated in a fundamental nursing practice session after prior study using animation every week for 15 weeks. They responded to questionnaires that included measures of learning motivation and self-directedness.
Results: There was no statistically significant difference in total scores for learning motivation over the 15 weeks of the practice sessions, but there was a difference for self-directedness. There was a significant difference in learning motivation in the group that always watched the animation and for which animation helped with the practice sessions and where the application purpose was postive. There was a difference in self-directedness for the students whose future was described as health teachers and where the application purpose was positive. Learning motivation showed positive correlations with self-directedness.
Conclusion: Learning motivation and self-directedness utilizing animation prior to fundamental nursing practice were high and correlated with each other indicating the usefulness of this teaching method.
Key words: Animation | Learning | Motivation
주요어: 동영상 | 사전학습 | 학습동기 | 자기 주도성