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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2010;17(2): 169
전립선암환자의 수면장애
전성숙1, 김동희2, 김민영3
1부산대학교 간호대학 간호학과
2부산대학교 간호대학 간호학과
3부산대학교 병원
Sleep Disturbance in Prostate Cancer Patients
Seong-Sook Jun1, Dong-Hee Kim2, Min-Young Kim3
1College of Nursing, Pusan National University
2College of Nursing, Pusan National University
3Pusan National University Hospital
Purpose: This study was done to investigate clinical characteristics and risk factors for sleep disturbance in patients with prostate cancer.
Method: Participants were recruited from P hospital outpatient clinic from March 23 to April 20, 2006, and 101 participants completed a questionnaire assessing general and clinical characteristics, sleep quality, physical symptoms and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression. The data was analyzed using the SPSS 12.0 program.
Results: In this study, 29.7% of the patients reported sleep disturbance. Cancer diagnosis related factors which affected sleep disturbance were onset (55.3%) and aggravation (83.3%). Habitual sleep efficiency of patients with sleep disturbance was as follows: bedtime was 10 PM, wake-up time was 6AM, sleep duration was six hours and twenty minutes. Risk factors for the presence of sleep disturbance included metastasis, the presence of intestinal symptoms, depression and anxiety.
Conclusion: Sleep disturbance is a frequent problem associated with prostate cancer and seems to be influenced by aggravation of illness and the presence of physical and psychological symptoms.
Key words: Prostate cancer | Sleep initiation and maintenance disorders
주요어: 전립선암 | 수면장애