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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2010;17(2): 149
혈액투석 대상자의 직장생활 경험
박민선1, 김미영2
1남양주한양병원 인공신장실
2이화여자대학교 건강과학대학 간호과학부
Work Experience of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Min-Sun Park1, Mi-Young Kim2
1Artificial Kidney Univ, Namyang-Ju Hanyang Hospital
2Division of Nursing Science, College of Health Science, Ewha Womans University
Purpose: This study was done to gain understanding of what career and related experience mean to individuals undergoing hemodialysis.
Methods: Ten male patients receiving hemodialysis participated in the study. Data collection took place between November 18, 2008 and February 10, 2010, via unstructured interviews. Data collection and analysis were conducted simultaneously, and Colaizzi's phenomenological method (1978) was used for the analysis.
Results: The significance the participants found in their ""dual"" life as worker and dialysis patients was classified into five categories: 'Recognition of self-existence value', 'My health comes before my work', 'Being afraid of stigma', 'Limitation of restricted work', and 'Difficulty with time management.'
Conclusion: It was found that the dialysis patients showed ambivalent feelings towards their careers, hoping they will be able to continue to work yet fearing that the continued work might break balance the between their livelihood and healing. Therefore, it is recommended that hours for hemodialysis be more flexible to ensure that patients can keep their jobs and better manage their time while undergoing treatment.
Key words: Hemodialysis | Work | Qualitative research
주요어: 혈액투석 | 직장 | 질적연구