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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1996;3(2): 171
석고붕대.견인환자의 불편감과 우울과의 관계연구
A Study on the Relationship between Discomfort and Depression of the Patients with Cast or Traction
Yeo-Sook Chung
The Margaret Pritchard Junior College of Nursing
This study was performed to explore relationships between depression and diacomfort. of patients with cast or traction. 112 parients were selected from several hospitals in Jeon-buk province. Data were collected from Feb. 26th. to March, 2nd. of 1996 using survey interview designed by the investigator. Data analysis included percentage, mean, and standard deviation, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson Correlation Coefficient. Results were as follows : 1. The depression score and the discomfort score were positively correlated(r=.3654, P=.0001). 2. The result shows that the score of ADLs(activites of daily living) and the score of discomfort were negatively correlated and they were statistically significant(activity r=-.1980, p=.0363 ; eating r=-3483, p=0002 ; bathroom r=-.4207, p=.0001 ; wearing r=-.4602 p=.0001 ; bathing r=-.3489, p=.0002).
Key words: distress | depression
주요어: 불편감 | 우울