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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2009;16(1): 39
발 반사마사지가 시설 노인의 자아존중감과 생기유발에 미치는 영향
대전대학교 간호학과
The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Self-Esteem and Vitality of the Elderly Women
Kang-Yi Lee
Department of Nursing, Daejeon University
Purpose: This study was done to verify the effects of foot reflexology on the self-esteem and vitality of elders.
Method: A non- equivalent control group pre- and post-test design was used. Research instruments to measure self-esteem and vitality were used in this study. The participants were elderly women hospitalized in a hospital in Okcheon County, Chungbuk Province, Korea. The 18 patients in the experimental group performed 40 minutes of foot reflexology per time for a total of 12 times over two weeks, and the 18 patients in the control group received regular care only. Before and after the experiment, both groups were tested for self-esteem and vitality. Frequencies, percentages, $chi^2$-test, t-test and Mann-Whitney U test with the SPSS/WIN 10.0 program were used to analyze the collected data.
Results: Vitality of the elderly women patients improved significantly in the experimental group. However self-esteem did not increase significantly.
Conclusion: Foot reflexology is effective as a nursing intervention in improving the health of elders.
Key words: Reflexology | Self-esteem | Vitality
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