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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2008;15(3): 342
농어촌 복합 섬 지역 노인의 위생습관과 피부 소양감
전미양1, 김향숙2
2남해군보건소 보건진료원
A Study on Hygiene and Skin Pruritus in Rural Elderly People
Mi-Yang Jeon1, Hyang-Sook Kim2
1Keukdong College
2Namhae-gun Health Center
Purpose: This study was done to develop data for a hygiene promotion program for elders living on rural islands.
Method: Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect data.
Results: Most of the elders reported brushed their teeth and washing their faces twice a day. For other types of washing, 98.8% of reported washing their hands after the toilet and 22.8% reported washing their anus after defecation. Most of the elders reported changing their underwear two to three times a month and cutting their nails more than four times a month. Itchiness was reported by 24%. There were significant differences according to age for teeth brushing, face washing, shampooing, bathing, washing hands after the toilet, and cutting nails. According to sex, there were significant differences in teeth brushing, face washing, washing hands after using the toilet, washing anus after defecation, changing underwear, cutting nails, and feeling itchy. The elders showed significant differences in bathing, changing underwear, and cutting nails according to subjective economic status. They showed significant differences in teeth brushing and changing underwear when they lived with their families.
Conclusion: In order to develop a proper hygiene promotion program for the elderly, their age, sex, and physical condition should be considered as well as their environmental, economical, and geographical condition.
Key words: Elders | Pruritus | Hygiene
주요어: 노인 | 위생습관 | 소양감