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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2008;15(1): 22
신규간호사와 간호학생의 간호직무수행도 및 중요도의 비교
송정희1, 문명자2
Frequency and Importance of Nursing Practice between Novice Nurses and Student Nurses
Jung-Hee Song1, Myeong-Ja Moon2
1Department of Nursing, Kimcheon Science College
2Mokpo Catholic University
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare frequency and importance of nursing practice in novice nurses and student nurses.
Method: A descriptive design was used with convenience sampling of 292 novice nurses in 2 hospitals with 500 beds and 214 student nurses from 4 universities. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire.
Results: 1) The total score for frequency of nursing practice was $2.58{pm}0.41$ and for the importance of nursing practice was $3.03{pm}0.36$ in novice nurses and in student nurses the frequency score was $2.66{pm}0.69$ and the total score for importance was $3.24{pm}0.35$. 2) The total score for frequency was not different between novice and student nurses, but 9 of the top 10 categories in order of frequency were significantly different. 3) The score for importance between novice nurses and student nurses was significantly different with the student nurses having higher scores than the novice nurses. 4) Frequency scores were not different for students in universities compared to students in community colleges.
Conclusion: Novice nurses perform skills associated with medication, but student nurses do not and therefore do not recognize the importance of these skills. Education in nursing needs to identify strategies to strengthen practice in this vulnerable area.
Key words: Nurses | Student nurses | Practice
주요어: 간호학생 | 신규간호사 | 직무수행도