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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2007;14(4): 474
혈액투석을 받는 여성의 피로와 신 질환증상의 관련성
송효정1, 김현주2
1제주대학교 의과대학 간호학과
2제주대학교병원 가정의학과
Fatigue Associated with Kidney Disease Symptoms in Female Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Hyo-Jeong Song1, Hyeon-Ju Kim2
1Department of Nursing, Cheju National University
2Department of Family Medicine, Cheju National University Hospital
Purpose: This study was done to provide fundamental data for nursing interventions to prevent and reduce fatigue and to identify fatigue and kidney disease symptoms in female patients on hemodialysis and evaluate factors associated with this fatigue.
Method: A cross-sectional study design was used with self-administered questionnaires which included general characteristics and the fatigue scale developed by Brown, Dittner, Findly, & Wessely(2005)(Cronbach's $alpha=0.98$ and for present study $alpha=0.96$) and a review of laboratory data. From eight dialysis units, 84 women were enrolled. Data were analyzed using the SAS program.
Results: Mean score for fatigue was 49.4(range $16{sim}78$) and fatigue by research variables was significantly different by age(0.046), employment status(0.041), menopause(0.009), hypoalbuminemia(0.022), length of time on dialysis(0.48) and kidney disease symptoms(0.000). Correlations between fatigue and lack of strength, dizziness, and cramps after dialysis were significantly higher. Factors affecting fatigue were kidney disease symptoms and length of time on dialysis, explaining 49.2% of fatigue.
Conclusion: A comprehensive approach considering kidney disease symptoms, length of time on hemodialysis, age, menopause, and hypoalbuminemia are required for interventions to reduce fatigue in female patients on hemodialysis.
Key words: Fatigue | Kidney disease | Female | Renal dialysis
주요어: 피로 | 신 질환 | 여성 | 혈액투석