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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1995;2(2): 213
병원감염관리에 대한 문헌적 고찰
국립의료원 간호전문대학
A Study of Literature of the Hospital Infection Control.
Young-Hee Shon
National Medical Center Junior College of Nursing
Today, although hospital infectious diseases are readily diagnosed, are treatable and preventable, many of these continues to be a major health problem in the developing countries, as well as the advanced nations. In the advanced countries efforts for hospital infection control has been presented but in Korea. The importance of being knowledgeble concerning hospital infection control is not much recognized yet. Presently in Korea good quality of care and services in the hospital is a main issue of discussion, therefore the subject of hospital infection control can't be over emphasized. Hospital infection control measures ranged from almost non existent to none when the pathogen transmission were not fully understood. As the knowledge of the transmission and contraction of the diseases expanded, newer and more effective procedures evolved. To be vital it is required to have good system for hospital infection control and inspection, rules and regulations and many numbers of persons with dedication. The strategy has been applied for hospital infection control standards as outlined by the centers for disease control and prevention(CDC). The hospital infection control committee is the factor to be well managed. Especially nurses are the important part of any hospital infection control program because they are the one who makes function properly. It is also required the responsibility of every employer who has employees who are exposed to blood, blood products or other potentially hospital infectious materials. Laws enacted by agencies of the federal government but the emphasis, and the demands for initiating and maintaining these control measures should be practiced on a routine and daily basis. The forgoing facts and requirements will assist us in assuring our hospital infection control program is successful.
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