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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2006;13(3): 467
의사소통 훈련 프로그램이 실습 간호학생의 의사소통, 대인관계에 미치는 효과
The Effects of a Communication Training Program on Communication and Interpersonal Relationship for Student Nurses in Clinical Practice
Eun-Ju Song
Department of Nursing, Jeonbuk Science College
Purpose: This study was done to Identify the effects of a communication training program on communication skills and interpersonal relationships.
Method: A communication training program was provided to student nurses who were selected as participants during a course of clinical practice. Of the students 23 were assigned to experimental group and 22 to the control group. The experimental part of the study was done with the experimental group during 6 week program course. The control group received only a communication theory course.
Results: Communication and interpersonal relations scores on the post-test in the experimental group were significantly higher than in the control group.
Conclusion: This program allowed nursing students to advance their communication skills during their clinical trials. These are skills which are necessary for nursing practice. The study demonstrated that a group training program that can provide students with practical support by improving the personal relationship.
Key words: Communication | Interpersonal relations
주요어: 의사소통 | 대인관계