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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2006;13(2): 182
시뮬레이터를 활용한 문제중심학습 모듈 개발 및 적용 - Simman을 중심으로 -
주민선1, 황윤영2, 박창승3
1제주한라대학 간호과
2제주한라대학 간호과
3제주한라대학 간호과
Development and Application of PBL Module Using Simulator - Focused on Simman -
Min-Sun Chu1, Yoon-Young Hwang2, Chang-Seung Park3
1Department of Nursing, Cheju Halla College
2Department of Nursing, Cheju Halla College
3Department of Nursing, Cheju Halla College
Purpose: This research was done to identify how PBL education using a simulator affects nursing students' critical thinking, self-efficacy, and meta-cognition by applying and developing a PBL module using the Simman simulator.
Method: With a one group pre-post test design, the research was conducted with a convenience sampling on 66 students in C College on Jeju Island for 8 weeks from August to October, 2005. The collected data on critical thinking, self-efficacy, and meta-cognition were analyzed using T-test. SPSS 10.0 was used to assist analysis. For study-related variables, means and standard deviations were used.
Results: The finding of the research showed that most of the students were in favor of use of PBL-in the curriculum with more than 50% of the scores indicating satisfaction with content of the teaching, the teaching method, and self-confidence in nursing. The results also showed that there was an increase in interest among the students regarding campus practical education.
Conclusion: As the application of the PBL module using the Simman simulator elicited more interest and satisfaction from the students, it is worth using this simulator as a the teaching method to improve the practical education in nursing.
Key words: Problem based learning | Thinking | Self-efficacy | Cognition | PBL
주요어: 비판적 사고력 | 자기효능감 | 메타인지