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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2006;13(2): 172
3, 4년제 졸업예정 간호학생의 간호 역활에 대한 관찰 및 수행정도 비교연구
손영희1, 강현숙2, 박영숙3, 한혜자4, 권성복5, 임난영6, 김동옥7, 김주현8, 손행미9, 이은희10, 이여진11, 조경숙12
1국립의료원 간호대학
2경희대학교 간호과학대학
3서울대학교 간호대학
4신성대학 간호과
5동신대학교 간호과
6한양대학교 간호학과
7대전대학교 간호학과
8강원대학교 간호학과
9동국대학교 간호학과
10원주대학 간호과
11가천 길 의과학대학교 간호학과
12경원전문대학 간호과
Comparison of Student Nurses Graduating from a Junior College or a University on Observation and Performance of Nursing Roles
Yong-Hee Shon1, Hyun-Sook Kang2, Young-Sook Park3, Hye-Ja Han4, Sung-Bok Kwon5, Nan-Young Lim6, Dong-Ok Kim7, Joo-Hyun Kim8, Haeng-Mi Son9, Eun-Hee Lee10, Yeo-Jin Lee11, Kyung-Sook Cho12
1College of Nursing, National Medical Center
2Department of Nursing, Kyunghee University
3College of Nursing, Seoul National University
4Department of Nursing, Shin Sung College
5College of Nursing, Dongsin University
6Department of Nursing, Hanyang University
7Department of Nursing, Daejeon University
8Department of Nursing, Kangwon National University
9College of Nursing, Dongguk University
10Department of Nursing, Wonju National College
11Department of Nursing, Gachun University Medicine and Science
12Department of Nursing, Kyungwon College
Purpose: This study was done to identify observation and performance of nursing role activities by student nurses graduating from 3 year junior colleges or 4 year universities.
Method: A descriptive design was used and the participants were 295 student nurses who were graduating. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire.
Results: The average score for observation of nursing role activity was $2.16{pm}0.29$, and for performance $1.61{pm}0.29$. Among the college students, the mean item score for observation was highest for medication administrator and lowest for provider of spiritual & bereavement care, while for the university students the highest was for provider of care during surgery and lowest for provider of spiritual & bereavement care. The college students had higher scores for observation, and the university students for performance.
Conclusion: It is concluded that standardized practice learning programs need to be designed in schools and in clinical practice areas, in order to further develop adaptability to nursing roles.
Key words: Nursing students | Nurses' role
주요어: 간호학생 | 간호
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