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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2005;12(2): 195
실습지도자를 활용(preceptorship)한 주문식 선택실습의 평가연구
가천길대학 간호과
An Evaluation Study of the Practical Application of Preceptorship in an Ordered Elective Clinical Nursing Practice
Chung-Youb Kim
Department of Nursing, Gachongil College
Purpose: This study was done to use preceptorship in an ordered elective clinical nursing practice and to evaluate the effects on student nurses, nurses managers and preceptors.
Method: The participants in this study were 208 students who were majors in the department of nursing, G college located in Inchon Metropolitan City, 54 nurse managers and 187 preceptors from 11 general hospitals. The instrument was a questionnaire which included general characteristics of participants, and 21 items to evaluate the ordered elective clinical nursing practice on a scale of 1 to 4. Data were collected from October 23 to November 7. 2004. Data analysis was done using SPSS WIN with the following statistics: frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and ANOVA. Results and
Conclusions: The results of data analysis were as follows: There were meaningful differences in the evaluation scores of the ordered elective clinical nursing practice with preceptors between students ($3.33{pm}.39$) and nurse managers ($3.33{pm}.28$) and preceptors ($3.23{pm}.38$). Evaluation scores for the ordered elective clinical nursing practice with preceptors were categorized as follows: necessity and appropriateness, practice control and management, material for practice, practice report assignment and evaluation, practice ability improvement and connection with getting a job, and contribution to the hospitals.
Key words: Nursing education research
주요어: 간호교육연구