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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2003;10(3): 354
의료보험 심사간호사의 업무스트레스와 직무만족도의 관계
최순희1, 이은주2, 박민정3
1전남 의대 간호학과, 전남대학교 간호과학연구소
2서강정보대학 응급구조과
3동강대학 건강증진연구소
Relationship between Work Stress and lob Satisfaction Experienced by Nurses in Medical Insurance
Soon-Hee Choi1, Eun-Ju Lee2, Min-Jung Park3
1Department of Nursing, Chonnam National University
2Department of Medical Technology, Seokang College
3The Research Institute of Health Promotion, Dongkang College
Purpose: This study was done for the purpose of identifying the relationship between work stress and job satisfaction of nurses who were evaluating medical insurance.
Method: The participants in the study were 154 nurses who were in charge of evaluating medical insurance in 32 hospitals in Korea. Data were collected for 1 month from April 20 to May 20, 2001. Result: The mean total work stress score was 93.79. In comparison with work stress scores according to the work stress factors, 'work overload'(2.95) had the highest work stress score. The mean total job satisfaction score was 69.56. The total work stress scores did not show significant differences for any of the variables. The total job satisfaction score showed significant differences for the variables of age (F=3.51, p=.01), position (F=3.16, p=.02) and reason for transfer from one department to another (F=3.40, p=.003).
Conclusion: The total work stress score showed a inverse correlation(v=-.36, p=.001) with the total job satisfaction score.
Key words: Medical insurance nurse | Work stress | Job satisfaction
주요어: 의료보험 심사간호사 | 업무스트레스 | 직무만족도