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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2002;9(2): 246
시설치매노인의 문제행동과 환경적 특성에 관한 연구
변영순1, 남정자2
1이화여자대학교 간호과학 대학
2마산대학 간호과
A Study on Disturbing Behaviors and Environment Characteristics in Elderly People with Dementia
Young-Soon Byeon1, Jeong-Ja Nam2
1Dept. of Nursing Science of Ewha Woman's University
2Dept. of Nursing, Masan College
Purpose: This study was conducted to investigate correlations between environmental characteristics and disturbing behaviors in elderly people with dementia living in institutions.
Method: A random sample of 107 subjects in three institutions for people with dementia in the Gyeongnam Province was tested between May 29 and June 5, 2002. Data was collected through a questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS/PC Win 10.0 Result: The major findings of the study are as follows. 1) the mean score on physical environment was $3.55{pm}0.47$, and on psychosocial environment, $3.55{pm}3.08$. 2) the mean score on disturbing behaviors showed that nonaggressive psychomotor behavior was the highest, and aggressive psychomotor behavior was the lowest. 3) the disturbing behaviors. in 5 the domains correlated with the environment and influencing factors included environment, family, level of dementia and level of ADL.
Conclusion: Both the present physical environment and psychosocial environment influence the type of disturbing behavior in elderly people with dementia. Therefore, nursing can reduce the disturbing behaviors through maintenance of both the psychosocial environment and the physical environment. Furthermore, nurses must consider disturbing behaviors of elderly people with dementia by being aware of the level of dementia and ADL.
Key words: Elders with dementia | Disturbing behaviors | Environment
주요어: 치매노인 | 문제행동 | 환경