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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2002;9(2): 213
손 반사요법이 말기 신부전증 환자의 생기와 면역 반응에 미치는 영향
The Effects of Hand Reflexology on Saeng-Chi and Immunity in ESRD Patients
Sei-Young Oh
Seoul Women's College of Nursing
The purpose of this study was to identify the Effect of Hand Reflexology on Saeng-chi of physiologic, emotional & motivational responses and Immunity in ESRD patients who received hemodialysis in two general hospital from June to September. 2001 A two group quasi-experimental research with pre and post test design was used. The number of participants in the experimental group was 23, and in the control group, 20 The Hand Reflexology Intervention was developed by the researcher based on hand reflexology by Carter & Weber and Chi-massage by Chia. The Hand Reflexology was applied to both hands for 10 minutes per day. and 5 days by 5 times. To evaluate the effects of the program, Pre and Post evaluations were done. In the physiologic response, the PR was decreased at the 1st times post treatment and at the 5th. In addition BP was decreased at the 1st time, but not the 5th. After 5 treatments, there were significant increase in Hb and significant decreases in the BUN and Cr. levels in the experimental group. In the emotional and motivational responses, there were significant increases in vigor, mood, uplifts and self care agency scores in the experimental group, but there was no significant difference in the Rosenberg's self esteem score. In the experimental group, significantly increased CD4, and h/s ratios were found, also NK cells were significantly decreased, and there was a decrease in the CD8. However, no significant differences between groups were observed. There were significant increases in CD32, CD33, CD34 in the experimental group. The self care agency score correlated negatively with the CD8. From the above results, Hand Reflexology is shown to be an effective mind-body nursing intervention for enhancing Saeng-chi responses and affecting some of the immune responses. However, Immune cell activation and differentiation with hand reflexology will be achieved with future study.
Key words: Hand reflexology | Saeng-chi | Immunity | ESRD
주요어: 손 반사요법 | 생기 | 면역 | 말기신부전증