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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 2001;8(3): 366
다양한 혈압상태에서 직접혈압을 기준으로 HP 자동혈압기와 국산자동혈압기의 정확도 비교
송효숙1, 전태국2, 최은정3, 김미정4
1삼성의료원 흉부외과 중환자실
2삼성의료원 흉부외과
3삼성의료원 흉부외과 중환자실
4삼성의료원 흉부외과 중환자실
Accuracy Comparison of Blood Pressure among the Direct Measurement Method and Two Automatic Indirect Measurement Methods in the Patients with Various Blood Pressure
Hyo-Sook Song1, Tae-Gook Jun2, Eun-Jung Choi3, Mi-Jung Kim4
1Samsung medical center, TSICU
2Samsung medical center, Cardiothoracic division
3Samsung medical center, TSICU
4Samsung medical center, TSICU
Objective: The purpose of this study was to identify differences in measurement methods for blood pressure (Direct measurement, HP automatic indirect measurement, and SE 7000 Korean made indirect measurement), and to evaluate the clinical trial of the Korean made automatic indirect blood pressure measurement. Material &
Methods: From June, 1999 to February, 2000, fifty five consecutive patients were randomized into hypertension group (n=20), normotension group (n=20), and hypotension group (n= 15). Measuring blood pressure by indirect methods (HP NIBP M 1008B and SE 7000 NIBP Korean made) was done simultaneously in the same arm with arterial line for direct blood pressure measurement (HP M1006A). The procedures were repeated ten times at intervals of 2 minutes. Statistical analysis was Performed using SPSS (version 8.0 for windows) software package. Values were expressed as means and standard deviation and means were compared using t-test. Statistical significance was considered present with a p value less than 0.05.
Results: In the hypertension group and noromotension group, the disparity between HP direct measurement and indirect SE 7000 NIBP did not show any differences compared to the disparity between HP direct measurement and indirect HP NIBP. In the hypotension group, the disparity in the diastolic pressure between HP direct measurement and indirect SE 7000 NIBP was significantly different compared to the disparity between HP direct measurement and indirect HP NIBP (p<0.001), however, disparities in systolic pressure did not showed any differences.
Conclusion: Direct blood pressure measurement (HP M1006A) can be replaced with indirect blood pressure measurements (HP NIBP M 1008B & SE 7000 NIBP) in normotension and hypertension patients. Korean made indirect measurement was found to be more accurate compared to HP indirect measurement in hypotension Patients, but more study is needed.
Key words: Blood pressure measurement method | Direct blood pressure | Automatic noninvasive blood pressure | systolic pressure | diastolic pressure
주요어: 혈압측정방법 | 직접혈압 | 자동혈압 | 수축기 혈압 | 이완기혈압
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