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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1999;6(3): 583
수술전 간호정보 제공이 복부수술환자의 자가간호 수행에 미치는 영향
박덕순1, 권영숙2, 박청자3
1계명대학교 동산의료원
2대구 계명대학교 간호대학
3대구 계명대학교 간호대학
A Study on the Effect of Preoperative Nursing Informations on the Self-Care in Abdominal Surgery Patients.
Duck-Soon Park1, Young-Sook Kwon2, Chung-Ja Park3
1DongSan Medical Center
2College of Nursing Keimyung University
3College of Nursing Keimyung University
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of self-care of abdominal surgery patients in surgical intensive care unit after offering preoperative nursing information. This study worked out nonequivalant control group post test only design as suspected experimental study. This subjects of the study were 45 patients, 23 in experimental group and 22 in control group. This study was carried at a university hospital in Taegu between January 12, 1999 and March 13, 1999. The experimental group was supplied with preoperative nursing information and the control group received routine care in ICU. The measuring tools of this study were assessment of the self-care role behavior. The data were analyzed by SPSS computer program, $x^2-test$ and t-test and ANOVA were utilized for testing the difference between the experimental and the control group. The hypothesis was examined by t-test. The result of this study are summarized as follows ; 1) The hypothesis, 'The experimental group will show a higher level of self-care than the control group' was accepted(t=-8.958, p=.000). 2) We could not find any meaningful relation about general characteristics and disease associated characteristics between the experimental and the control group. 3) The self-care behavior scores according to the general characteristics and disease associated characteristics show significant statistical difference by economics status (p=.033). 4) The rate of self-care behavior scores of each questionnaire are below average in the questions that request active activity to prevent postoperative complications From the result of this study, the self-care of the experimental group was higher than those of the control group, and the nursing information can be regarded as an effective nursing intervention for preoperative patients.
Key words: preoperative nursing informations | self-care
주요어: 수술전 간호정보 | 자가간호수행