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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1999;6(3): 570
컴퓨터를 이용한 질적 자료 분석
서울대학교 간호대학
Qualitative Data Analysis using Computers
Myung-Sun Yi
College of Nursing, Seoul National University
Although computers cannot analyze textual data in the same way as they analyze numerical data. they can nevertheless be of great assistance to qualitative researchers. Thus, the use of computers in analyzing qualitative data has increased since the 1980s. The purpose of this article was to explore advantages and disadvanteges of using computers to analyze textual data and to suggest strategies to prevent problems of using computers. In additon, it illustrated characteristics and functions of softwares designed to analyze qualitative data to help researchers choose the program wisely. It also demonstrated precise functions and procedures of the NUDIST program which was designed to develop a conceptual framework or grounded theory from unstructured data. Major advantage of using computers in qualitative research is the management of huge amount of unstructured data. By managing overloaded data, researcher can keep track of the emerging ideas, arguments and theoretical concepts and can organize these tasks mope efficiently than the traditional method of 'cut-and-paste' technique. Additional advantages are the abilities to increase trustworthiness of research, transparency of research process, and intuitional creativity of the researcher, and to facilitate team and secondary research. On the other hand, disvantages of using computers were identified as worries that the machine could conquer the human understanding and as probability of these problems. it suggested strategies such as 1) deep understanding of orthodoxy in analytical process. To overcome philosophical and theoretical background of qualitative research method, 2) deep understanding of the data as a whole before using software, 3) use of software after familiarity with it, 4) continuous evaluation of software and feedback from them, and 5) continuous awareness of the limitation of the machine, that is computer, in the interpretive analysis.
Key words: Qualitative data analysis | Data analysis using software | NUDIST
주요어: 소프트웨어 이용 | 질적자료 분석
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