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Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing 1999;6(1): 51
노인환자의 수술후 회복패턴에 관한 연구
변영순1, 정은주2
1이화여자대학교 간호과학대학 간호과학과
2이화여자대학교 간호과학대학 간호과학과
Post-Surgical Recovery Patterns of the Elderly
Young-Soon Byun1, Eun-Joo Chung2
1College of Nursing Science, Ewha Womans University
2College of Nursing Science, Ewha Womans University
This study examined two differences in physical and psychological recovery patterns after surgery in the elderly. The sample consisted of 40 patients with abdominal surgery In five large hospitals in Seoul. The data for this study were collected from Apr. 20 to Nov. 26 by structured questionnaire, chart review and call. Physical recovery was assessed by ADL, a Cantril Ladder Scale and a Visual Analogue Scale. Psychological recovery was measured by the Geriatric depression Scale and a Cantril Ladder Scale. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, Pearson Correlation Coefficient, and MANOVA by SPSS/WIN. The result are as follows : 1. Physical recovery indicated significant improvement over time with the exception of ADL(F=.812 p=.449). Perceived physical health were significantly improved(F=6.189 p=.004). Pain & discomfort was significantly decreased(F=3.927 p=.025). 2. Perceived psychological health was significantly improved over time(F=20.648 p=.000), but depression showed no statistical significance improvement over time(F=1.393 p=.256). 3. There were no significant effects of sex, age, complication and combined chronic diseases on physical and psychological recovery patterns. 4. There were significant correlations between operation time and pain(r=-.331 p=.020), recovery time and perceived psychological health(r=-.320 p=.024), recovery time and pain(r=.404 p=.005). There were significant correlations between admision period and ADL(r=-.418 p=.004), perceived physical health(r=-.354 p=.014), depression(r=.280 p=.042), and perceived psychological health(r=-.447 p=.002). BRAS showed significant correlation with ADL(r=-.458 p=.002). 5. With an increase in the degree of perceived health(physical and psychological), ADL was significantly increased. With an increased in the degree of depression and pain, ADL and perceived health(physical and psychological) were significantly decreased. In conclusion, the elderly patient recovered significantly over time with the exception of ADL and depression. It these we suggested to considered when planning care for elderly patients.
Key words: Elderly patient | Recovery pattern | Physical recovery | Psychological recovery
주요어: 노인환자 | 회복패턴 | 신체적 회복 | 심리적 회복
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