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Original Articles
165 Attitudes toward, and Practice of Hand Washing by Student Nurses in Clinical Practice
Il-Sun Ko, Kyu-Sook Kang, In-Ja Song, Jin-Hee Park, Shin-Young Youk
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):165
180 Effects of Dan-jun Breathing Exercise Program Experienced by Women in Midlife
Kyung-Sun Hyun, Hyum-Sook Kang
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):180
190 Development of a Korean Sexual Satisfaction Scale
Byung-Sook Lee, Hyo-Jung Koh, Myung-Ae Kim, Shin-Hwa Im
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):190
201 A Study on the Sasang Constitution and Type A/B Personality in Kangwon Province
Kyu-Eun Lee, Nam-Sun Kim, Jae-Gyu Ryu
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):201
213 The Effects of Hand Reflexology on Saeng-Chi and Immunity in ESRD Patients
Sei-Young Oh
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):213
226 Effect of Aromatherapy on Anxiety and Fatigue in Students Nurses Experiencing their First Clinical Practice
Ji-Yeon Kang, Keum-Soon Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):226
237 The Effects of Blanket Application on Reducing Cold Discomfort after Cesarean Section
Myung-Hee Kim, Ju-Sung Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):237
246 A Study on Disturbing Behaviors and Environment Characteristics in Elderly People with Dementia
Young-Soon Byeon, Jeong-Ja Nam
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):246
257 The Effect of Aquatic Exercise Program on Body Weight, Muscle Strength and Flexibility in Healthy Middle-aged Women
Jong-Im Kim, Tae-Sook Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):257
268 The Phenomenon of Elderly Women's Vitality - A Grounded Theory Approach -
Yeon-Sook Kim, Myeong-Ja Moon, Seon-Hye Lee
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):268
279 Public's Attitude to Organ Transplants and Factors Influencing Attitudes
Young-Hee Shon, Chung-Min Cho
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):279
288 A Study on Emotional State of Preoperative Patients and Postoperative Pain (patients with abdominal surgery who received IV-PCA)
Kyung-Hee Kim, Hae-Kyoung Chung, Hyun-Su Lee
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):288
300 A study on the Nurses' Perception of Comfort
Keum-Soon Kim, Kyung-HeeK im, Ji-Yeon Kang, Hyun-Mi Seo, Jong-Soon Won, In-Sook Jeong, Hae-Kyung Chung, Kyeong-Yae Sohng
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):300
311 Physical and Psychological-Emotional Status according to Type of Personality in Female College Student who Smoke
In-Sook Kim, Ki-Bun Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):311
323 Comparative Study of Postoperative Analgesic Effect of IV-PCA According to Timing of Infusion in Patients with Total Abdominal Hysterectomy
Jeong-Ok Park, Pyung-Ae Lee, You-Sook Cho, Mi-Mi Park, Hye-Sook Kim, Jee-Won Park, Sang-Kee Min
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(2):323
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