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Effect of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses-based Nursing Skills Training for Nursing Students’ Medication Administration Safety Competency: A Quasi-experimental Study
Jiyoung Kim, Narae Heo
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2023;30(4):449-458.   Published online November 30, 2023
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2023.30.4.449
                     Cited By 2
The Influence of Leader-Member Exchange Relationship, Perceived Organizational Support, and Work-Life Balance on Tertiary Hospital Nurses’ Retention Intention
Ji Hoe Yoon, Hyojung Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2023;30(1):13-23.   Published online February 28, 2023
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2023.30.1.13
                     Cited By 2
Impact of Psychosocial Wellbeing Status and Self Leadership on the Job Satisfaction of Fire Officers
Hyun-Ju Lee, Hyoung-Sook Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2018;25(2):89-98.   Published online May 31, 2018
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2018.25.2.89
Recognition of Accreditation for Nursing Education, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Change Teaching Area for Faculty in Fundamentals of Nursing
Hyoung Sook Park, Seung Kyo Chaung, Young-Ok Yang, Jinhyang Yang, Myoung Soo Kim, Yong Soon Shin, Dong-Hee Kim, Hyun-Ju Kim, Jongsoon Won, Bok-Hee Cho, Kyung-Yeon Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2017;24(2):157-166.   Published online May 31, 2017
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2017.24.2.157
                     Cited By 2
Effects of Core Basic Nursing Education using Cellular Phone Video Recordings on Self-confidence in Performance, Achievement, and Practice Satisfaction
Myo-Gyeong Kim, Hyeong Suk Lee
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2017;24(2):128-137.   Published online May 31, 2017
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2017.24.2.128
                     Cited By 7
Effects of Self-evaluation using Smartphone Recording on Nursing Students’ Competency in Nursing Skills, Satisfaction, and Learning Motivations: Focusing on Foley Catheterization
Eunhwa Chang, Soohyun Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2017;24(2):118-127.   Published online May 31, 2017
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2017.24.2.118
                     Cited By 8
Influence of Nursing Students’ Anxiety during Simulation Training on Personal Satisfaction of Simulation, Self-efficacy, Clinical Competence
Mi Young Kim, Soohyun Park, Jongsoon Won
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2016;23(4):411-418.   Published online November 30, 2016
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2016.23.4.411
                     Cited By 10
Comparison of Confidence in Practice and Satisfaction by Feedback Types Following Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE) among Nursing Students - Focus on Intermittent Gavage Tube Feeding -
Eunha Gil, Heeyoung Oh, Seonkyoung Shin, Yeonhee Park, Yeeun Lee, Jeong Ah Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2015;22(3):318-327.   Published online August 30, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.7739/jkafn.2015.22.3.318
Comparison of Training Effectiveness for IV Injections: Intravenous (IV) Arm Model versus Computer Simulator
Juhee Hwang, Hyunjung Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2014;21(3):302
Effects of Core Fundamental Nursing Skills Education on Self-efficacy, Clinical Competence and Practice Satisfaction in Nursing Students
Mi Young Jho
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2014;21(3):292
Impact of Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Patient Safety Management Activities in Tertiary Hospitals
Hyun Hee Gong, Youn-Jung Son
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2012;19(4):453
Comparison of Factors Affecting Nursing Professionalism Perceived by Nursing Students Anticipating Graduation According to Nursing Educational System
Youn-Suk Ham, Hwa-Soon Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2012;19(3):363
The Relationships of Professional Self-Concept, Role Conflict and Job Satisfaction on Emergency Department Nurses
Mi-Hae Sung, Myung-Ok Oh
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2011;18(1):107
Correlations between Motivation to Achieve, Clinical Competency and Satisfaction in Clinical Practice for Diploma and Baccalaureate Nursing Students*
Mi-Hae Sung
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2010;17(1):90
The Relationships of Work-Family Conflict, Social Support, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment in Korean Married Hospital Nurses
Mi-Ae You, Youn-Jung Son
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2009;16(4):515
Relationship of Self Efficacy, Self-Directedness and Practice Satisfaction to Clinical Practice Education in Nursing Students
Yeong-Hie Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2009;16(3):307
A Study Related to Self-Efficacy, Satisfaction with Practice and Fundamentals of Nursing Practicum
Eun-Ju Shin
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2008;15(3):380
Satisfaction with Evaluation Method for Fundamental Nursing Practical Skill Education Through Cell Phone Animation Self-Monitoring and Feedback - Focus on Foley Catheterization -
Yeong-Hie Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2008;15(2):134
Effects of an Information Protocol on Anxiety and Nursing Satisfaction for Family Caregivers of Cerebrovascular Accident Patients in the ICU
Kyung-Jin Cho, Eun-Mi Jun
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2007;14(1):53
Body Satisfaction and Weight Loss in Women College Students
Seung-Kyo Chaung, So-Young Min
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2006;13(3):485
Effects of an Integrated Stress Management Program(ISMP) for the Elders in a Rural Community
Joo-Hyun Kim, Mi-Jeong Park, Hyun-Sook Kim, Jin-Joo Oh, Kyu-Ryang Han, Su-Jeong Yu
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2006;13(2):257
Nursing Needs and Satisfaction with Medications in Patients Admitted to Hospital
Yeun-Jung Yang, Kyung-Hee Lim, Yeon-Jung Park, In-Hye Son, En-Nam Lee, Hyeo-Nok Ju
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2006;13(1):15
Autonomy, Teaching Effectiveness, and Clinical Practice Satisfaction for Fundamentals Nursing Clinical Practice in Student Nurses
Yeong-Hee Kim
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2006;13(1):6
Descriptive Correlational Study on Personality Type using MBTI and lob Satisfaction
Ae-Kyung Han, Jong-Soon Won, Ok-Soo Kim, Mi-Kyung Park, Jung-Mi Chang
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2005;12(3):404
Relationship between Work Stress and lob Satisfaction Experienced by Nurses in Medical Insurance
Soon-Hee Choi, Eun-Ju Lee, Min-Jung Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2003;10(3):354
A Study on Role Conflict and Job Satisfaction in Nurses in Oriental Medicine Hospitals
Mi-Ryeong Song, Jeong-Soon Lee
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2003;10(3):316
A Comparaison of Patient Satisfaction with Care Received and Nurse Satisfaction with Care Given
Moon-Suk Yoo, Il-Young Yoo, Yon-Ok Park, Soon-Ok Lee, Yoon-Mi Hong
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2003;10(2):130
A Study of the Relationship between Facility Satisfaction, Depression and ADL in the Elderly People Residing in Nursing Homes
Young-Soon Byeon, Jung-In Lee
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 2002;9(1):45
The Effects of Sexual Rehabilitation Education on the Knowledge of Sexual Activities and Satisfaction of Sexual Activities of Spinal Cord Injury Clients
Hyo-Soon Yoon, Kyung-Min Park, Chung-Ja Park
J Korean Acad Fundam Nurs. 1999;6(3):434
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